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We’ve been growing cacao here on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica since 1986. We began making our own fine chocolate bars 7 years ago and now focus on two lines of chocolate: traditional roasted cacao and unroasted cacao. 

Roasted cacao chocolate 
Our flavours are developed from a traditional perspective: we use pre-Hispanic flavours to really capture and accentuate the special nuances of our beans. Allspice, Rosita de Cacao and of course Vanilla have all been used for thousands of years with cacao, how can we argue with such a rich history and cultural traditions? Visit our store for a full selection and tour of our traditional chocolate.

Unroasted cacao chocolate 
In the search for healthier chocolate  we have developed this delicious line of innovative and bold chocolates. Our cacao is micro fermented to ensure low fermentation temperatures and then minimally processed to bring you the most nutrient dense chocolate imaginable, straight from the trees themselves! Our flavours reflect the imagination and desires of our local fanatical clients. Try the unroasted line if you want high antioxidant content, the earthy flavours of fermentation and a new and different kind of chocolate!
  1. Peter
    Peter bought this land in 1986, and since that time has been stewarding, replanting and generally engaged in an enduring love affair with it. If he’s not in his plant nursery, or out in the orchards, he’s making our line of roasted cacao chocolate bars. A pretty good life really.
  2. Ancel
    With a background in education and a love of everything chocolate, Ancel is delighted, nay excited, to share with you her experience and knowledge of all things chocolate: the biology, history, cultural implications and medicinal qualities - all the whole nibbling on cacao beans.
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